Shade The Changing Girl Preview Plus Thoughts on DC's Young Animal line

by | Sep 13, 2016

Thanks to the PR team over at DC comics, I was sent an email containing a preview for a new series under the imprint of “Young Animals” which is lead by former vocalist of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. Reading further will get a taste of Shade The Changing Girl plus my thoughts on what this means for DC going forward.

STCG_1 Preview_1
If for whatever reason you’re not convinced that Gerard Way isn’t the right person to lead this new imprint at DC, then you haven’t read his three original works namely focusing on his two volume series Umbrella Academy. This isn’t just some musician who wants to expand his skills beyond music, Gerard Way is just like you or whoever is reading this blog, a person who has a love for this art form. This imprint is in good hands.

STCG_1 Preview_2

Before I praise the four titles that will start this new imprint, this has me worried about Vertigo going forward. I am not an insider by any means so I’m not going to proclaim Vertigo dead (just do a quick google search and other sites have done that for me) but seeing the type of books that Young Animal will be producing would have been Vertigo books five years ago. The legacy that Vertigo has left on comics can be felt from the unknown of independent books, to Marvel and DC and while Vertigo currently has a strong line of books on the shelves right now they aren’t resonating with a big enough audience. I really don’t want to write a piece on Vertigo stopping publication anytime soon.

STCG_1 Preview_3

As for this particular line, I’m personally excited for what this brings to DC Rebirth. The four debut titles will be Doom Patrol (by Gerard Way and Nick Derington), Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye (by Gerard Way, Jon Rivera and Michael Avon Oeming), Mother Panic (by Gerard Way, Jody Houser, and Tommy Lee Edwards)and the aforementioned Shade The Changing Girl (by Cecil Castellucci and Marley Zarcone)all bring a weirdness that all comics inherently have but places them at the forefront for all to see, which skews to my personal taste. If these books don’t seem like something you would read, then I encourage you to step out of whatever long box you’re in and try something a bit different. One final note I’m enjoying the mix of new voices along with veteran comic creators, my expectations are high for Gerard Way and the teams he’s helped assembled.

Doom Patrol debuts 9-14-2016

Shade The Changing Girl debuts October 2016

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye debuts October 2016

Mother Panic Debuts November 2016