She-Hulk Returns This December With A Twist

by | Sep 22, 2016

Much to my surprise given the opening events of Civil War II, Jennifer Walters immediate future as part of the Marvel Universe seemed to be gone, but Marvel has officially announced a new She-Hulk series starting this series, but with Bruce Banner entering the grave, She-Hulk now becomes Hulk. What does this mean for Amadeus Cho, and what does the changing of the book name mean to Jennifer Walters? Read more to find out my opinions on the matter.

Let me open this up by saying I’m a fan of Jennifer Walters and her status as She-Hulk. Unlike her cousin seeing Jennifer be completely in control of her “hulk state” made her far more interesting. It wasn’t a retread of fight with my inner monster plot that Bruce Banner has dealt with for decades, but rather having Jennifer be in complete control provided something different to the Marvel Universe and it allowed for her to separate herself from the destructive legacy that is The Hulk.
Reading that first paragraph, one might expect me to go into a rant that removing the She from She-Hulk is dismissive of her status (and to a small degree it is) but given the fact she was put into a near comatose state at the start of Civil War II, which is then followed by her friends beating the crap out of each other and commit horrible atrocities, I’m going to say that her anger is justified. I’m all for a different direction for a character that allows readers to discover something new to love. Even though her anger takes primary focus, I hope that the creative team ( Mariko Tamaki and Nico Leon) explore the actual consequences of anger instead of typical Hulk collateral damage. As someone who has anger issues, I would like to see Jennifer deal with her new found trauma in a way that hasn’t been shown in a Hulk book for quite some time.
Marvel easily could have assigned on of their top writers to write this series, but instead we get some new voices to Marvel with Mariko Tamaki on writing duties and Nico Leon on pencils and while I’m not familiar with either of their work I’m always excited when new talent are given the reigns to such a beloved character. I’m looking forward to Hulk this December, are you? Let me know in the comments below.

Hulk hits the shelves this December