Should Nintendo Return To The World of Comics?

by | Mar 6, 2017

So I’ve managed to break away from my Nintendo Switch to actually write something on this site. With all the world thinking about Nintendo at the moment it got me thinking. Should Nintendo return the world of comics outside of reprinting older stories? What game series deserve their own graphic novel or series? What format should they be in? Read further on to find out!

First off if you haven’t read the recently reprinted A Link To The Past or Super Mario Bros comics and you’re a fan of Nintendo I would highly recommend them. They retain the energy of their video game counterparts while also providing a different and fun experience no matter if you’re a long or new fan. I just wish they would reprint the Metroid comic that actually gave Samus Aran her origin story and is widely accepted as canon. Personally I don’t think Nintendo should put out single issue “runs” of comics, but rather I would prefer once or twice a year original graphic novels.
It would allow the writer and artist enough time to craft a story worthy of these characters. I also wouldn’t serialize the graphic novels yes Nintendo games do have sequels that can be apart of a large overarching plot, but most of them are self contained to that one game. I also wouldn’t try to adapt any game story into comic form, players have already experienced those moments. They should tell side stories that can potentially run along side the game’s story. Now you maybe asking, will people actually want to purchase new graphic novels starring Nintendo properties outside of the established fan base.
When it comes to the stars of the Nintendo list of characters a majority of them are household names in one capacity or another. With how much Nintendo merchandise sells consistently I think it’s not enough to reason that people would want something that explores more of the lore withing these beloved worlds. Do you want Nintendo to return to the world of comics? Let me know in the comics below!