Sigourney Weaver Confirmed as Defenders Villain.

by | Oct 11, 2016

25-sigourney-weaver.w529.h529New York Comic Con was this past weekend and that means a cornucopia of news has exploded as a result. Since I’ve been writing about DC a lot recently, I wanted to shift my focus on to Marvel’s Netflix series and its recent announcement that Sigourney Weaver will be joining the MCU, but who will she be portraying? Spoilers for Marvels Netflix shows are to follow.

I want to go ahead and start by saying that whoever Sigourney Weaver plays in The Defenders, that I don’t believe she should play someone cosmic or mystical in nature. If you’re like me and have basically assumed that the Hand story line being built out of Daredevil would reach a culmination in the Defenders, which would give a reason as to why these four street level heroes would band together, but Sigourney Weaver changes everything in my opinion. I have no idea what the actual story for the Defenders will be, but it wont be some epic cosmic entity. It wouldn’t mesh with the tone that the Netflix shows have established over the course of 4 separate seasons. Chances are Weaver will be playing either a politician who see’s the Defenders as a problem that need to be controlled similar to the recent Captain America movie.
This is to say nothing against Sigourney Weaver’s acting ability because I believe that she can play any Marvel character and even though it won’t be a 1 to 1 ratio, she’ll still deliver one hell of a performance. Now who exactly should Sigourney Weaver play? Well while most critics out there are looking up female Marvel villains that she should play, I propose a gender swap.
Sigourney Weaver should play a gender flipped version of Silvio Manfredi aka Silvermane. While most people remember Silverman for his mechanized body, before that insanity he was one of the prominent NYC crime bosses and with Kingpin still in jail it opens the door for Silverman to make a big push towards controlling all five boroughs of NYC. This is all speculation as no actual information has been revealed yet and like I wrote just above whatever part she is given, she’s going to nail it. Who do you think Sigourney Weaver will play in the Defenders? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!