Strangers In Paradise Returns

by | Sep 1, 2017

I know I mainly write about Marvel, DC, and some of the other publishers here but today I want to forget about them for a while. I want to discuss the fact that Strangers in Paradise comes back January 2018. If you’re a newer reader then this might not resonate with you and that’s okay. If you grew up reading comics from the mid 90’s to the mid 2000’s then chances are you heard or read the beautiful tale that is Strangers in Paradise.

Unlike most Strangers in Paradise readers I didn’t “grow up” with the series, it was only thanks to the wonderful podcast iFanboy did I discover the world that Terry Moore created. Without going into spoiler territory, Strangers in Paradise is about two women (Francine and Katchoo) as it follows their their lives. There’s romance, drama, action, and ultimately heartbreak. If you have the mentality that this won’t be for you because the two leads are female or that you might connect to them on a personal level, I challenge you to read this book. Terry Moore’s writing did what so many comic creators strive to achieve, a connection with the characters on the page that goes deeper opening and closing the book. I can remember several times reading specific sections of Strangers in Paradise, and for certain scenes I would just start crying. Hell even right now as I write this, I’m choking up.
What made Stranger in Paradise a truly amazing feat is that Terry Moore wrote and drew the series. One of the few creators of the modern era to be a master at writing and art, his perfect combination of skill lead to the amazing creation that is Strangers in Paradise. While at a glance Moore’s art looks like it belongs in the Sunday paper, his ability to change gears from a comedic scene to one that will make even the manliest man break down and cry. It was a pleasure to see his art style evolve as I read each pocket edition. Thankfully Terry Moore didn’t stop with SIP, and his current series Motor Girl proves that he’s still one of the best comic book creators.
As for series coming back for it’s twentieth-fifth anniversary? I know that they’re those who are cynical about SIP returning, but I’m just happy. It’s been a while since I’ve read SIP and while I still remember how the series ended, the fact that I get new stories featuring Francine and Katchoo is just to surreal. This isn’t like Marvel or DC bringing back a dead character who’s only been dead for less than a year. January 2018 can’t come soon enough.