The Allure of SDCC

by | Jul 20, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No my friends it isn’t Christmas, but thousands of nerds will flock to San Diego for the celebration of nerd culture. I’ve been to many conventions, but SDCC has been the holy grail for me (and many others), but what is the allure? What makes people come back year after year? Especially since all this stuff shows up online anyways? Read further on for more.

Honestly the biggest people for a majority attending SDCC is the experience itself, because chances are you won’t make into Hall H for a early sneak peak at the latest trailers. Yes they’re will be thousands of people huddling around the convention floor, but I can only imagine being surround by the same people who share the same love of geekiness must be rewarding. From cosplay to the great movie props you can take pictures with, to new friends you would otherwise never meet. Yes it’s crowed but SDCC smothers us in it’s geekiness.
So let’s just say you make into Hall H, and even though others will see said trailers within the coming weeks something must be said about knowing you saw it first. Yes it’s a bit snobby to say “I SAW THE AVENGERS INFINITY WAR TRAILER WITH THE ACTORS AND YOU’RE AT HOME” but come on, who wouldn’t shout that to the heavens. It’s no means a secret, but seeing something first always comes at a greater joy.
Every time SDCC rolls around, think pieces pop saying that SDCC has lost it’s luster. SDCC doesn’t have carry the same weight as it used to. I disagree completely, yes they’re multiple cons that people attend virtually each weekend but none of them capture the magnitude of what SDCC has to offer. Not even NYCC matches it. So for those that are attending this weekend, be safe and have fun. Are you attending SDCC this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!