The Ardian Syaf Controversy

by | Apr 15, 2017

I debated for quite sometime on whether or not I wanted to actually write about this particular subject. As an X-Men fan all I wanted was a back to basic approach that revitalizes my love for some of my favorite characters, instead I’m treated to antisemitic messages inside a book that built it’s foundation on finding unity between those that are different.

Let me be clear, outside of being an actual Nazi I firmly believe that you have a right to believe whatever you want to believe, so long as your not hurting others in order to further any agenda. I shouldn’t have to type this but I will, the hidden messages that Mr. Syaf hid inside X-Men: Gold #1 have no place in ANY COMIC PRODUCED BY A MAJOR COMIC BOOK PUBLISHER. If Syaf had the balls he would have put this very message on his Facebook page or any other form of social media instead of sneaking it past editors at Marvel. There is no denying the talent that Syaf has, so my question to him would be, why not draw something political if you feel so strongly about a subject? Syaf knew he was going to lose his job anyway so why not be upfront about it?
Now there seems to be those out there that are blaming various Marvel editors for not catching the reference, and I’m willing to play defense for them. For those that are not aware, X-Men: Gold will ship every two weeks meaning the books need to come out and because it’s the nature of the business artists will sneak little Easter eggs. Syaf is the only person who should bear any responsibility for this.
In closing, while the doors for Syaf to work for either Marvel or DC is closed for now. I honestly don’t believe that he will be away forever but I doubt we see his name on a mainstream comic book cover any time soon. What are your thoughts on the Ardian Syaf controversy? Let me know in the comments below!