The Assassination of Captain Marvel

by | Sep 8, 2016

captainmarvel1-630x420 It’s been an interesting summer for the house of ideas, with their biggest idea being a rehash of an event that’s ten years old. However I’m not here to talk about Civil War II but rather what Civil War II has done to Captain Marvel. Spoilers for Civil War II are too follow, you have been warned.

In case you haven’t been reading Civil War II this summer I’ll give a brief break down on the conflict. An Inhuman by the name of Ulysses has the power to see the future, both Carol Danvers and Tony Stark have different views on his this sort of power should be used, this is made more intense when Captain Marvel leads a team of Avengers to stop Thanos, and in the process gravely injuring She-Hulk and killing War Machine. Before I go further on I will bring up the fact that The Ultimates lead by Captain Marvel is a team that attempts to stop threats before they become threats (where have I heard that before).
However what the staff over at Marvel has done to Carol as a character has turned her from this well respected leader among the Avengers and deserving of the title she’s carried for several years now to totalitarian who has turned her back on people she has called friends. Some might say that this situation is similar to Iron Man back during the original Civil War with the writers painting him as a bad guy instead of showing how he could be right. Yes towards the end Tony Stark ended up becoming what Captain Marvel is now, before the Thunderbolts reveal one could make the argument that Tony Stark was right. The huge difference between Civil War I and II is that there is no defending what Carol is doing.
In fact it’s easy to make an argument that Carol and her “side” might be bringing this visions made by Ulysses come true instead of preventing the threat. Case in point the fact that Bruce Banner was cured by Amaedus Cho of gamma radiation only to be confronted by Carol which leads to his death by the hands of Clint Barton. I’m not the biggest fan of Captain Marvel but I’ve always appreciated her role and even more so her elevated status, but Civil War II has made the character toxic to me.
Thankfully comics are cyclical and one day this will all be sweeped underneath the rug as a bad stint for an amazing Avenger. More than likely that’ll happen around the Captain Marvel movie in 2019.