The Best Is Back

by | Sep 30, 2017

wolverine-return-marvel-legacy-1022924SNIKT! Chances are by now you already know what I’m referring to. Thanks to Marvel Legacy the original Wolverine is coming back. Back in 2013 Logan had his healing factor removed and his fate ended by being encased in adamantinium. What does Wolverine’s return mean for Laura? What about Old Man Logan?

Let’s address the elephant in the room first shall we? Now that the classic version of Logan is back what does it mean for the future of Old Man Logan? Now the easy answer would be to kill off the character so he can be with his family in peace. Even though I haven’t really cared for OML as part of the MCU post Secret Wars it would incredibly lazy for Marvel just to kill off this character they’ve carefully incorporated into the current era of the X-Men. Given that the original Old Man Logan story line was a western that starred mutants, I say let Logan walk into the sunset. Allow him to go back to his universe and continue whatever battle he was fighting in the first place.
The bigger question lies at what does Marvel do with Laura Kinney. In case you’re not up to date on X-Men lore, Laura took up the mantle of Wolverine (by even wearing version of Wolverine’s classic costume) and her solo title has been such a fun romp since the first issue. Sadly Marvel hasn’t really done much to establish Laura’s new role as Wolverine in concurrence with her larger role in the Marvel Universe. The fact that Marvel seems to be keeping the X-Men away from could play a factor in that. I’m worried that Laura’s run as The Wolverine will come to an end with the return of Logan. It’s not out of the realm of possibility two have two Wolverines at the same time.
What are you’re thoughts on Logan returning to the Marvel Universe? Let me know in the comments below.