The Justice League Needs A Revamp

by | Dec 21, 2017


In 2011 DC revamped their universe and reintroduced it’s heroes to the world. Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee kicked off The New 52 with it’s most iconic characters on the League. However I’ve noticed something. Over the course six years, the Justice League has pretty much the same roster. Read further on for my thoughts on why the Justice League should get a new roster.

Yes I Know About The Other Leagues

Now before I go any further, yes I’m aware of the books that carried the mantle “Justice League.” Justice League Dark, and two iterations of JLA did phenomenal job of providing unique rosters but neither of those are the flagship book. DC’s storied team has a history of unique rosters that changed up the dynamic and breath new life into the comic. Seeing the Gods of DC united is nice, but after a while I want to see some of the lower tier Gods.

Yes I’m Aware The League Has Had Other Members

To continue my point, yes I remember when other DC heroes joined the Justice League. Honestly one of the more interesting times for the JL was when Lex Luthor and Captain Cold were made members. Granted they’re wasn’t enough time to develop a cool dynamic that wasn’t animosity but it did make me pick up Justice League again after dropping it a year before. JLA to me should be a book that had one or two of the trinity, and just a handful of B to C list characters. Since not every character can support their own book, I always liked that the JLA would provide character development for those that needed it.

Who Should Stay? Who Should Go?

If I’m gonna be honest, Batman is the first character that I would kick off the league. He already has another JLA book he’s apart of and he’s getting married. As for the rest of the roster, keep Wonder Woman and both Green Lanterns with Cyborg but drop The Flash. Do you think the current roster of the JL is going stale? Who do you want on the League? Let me know in the comments below!