The Problem of Batfleck

by | Jul 28, 2017

Despite the hype the Justice League trailer brought, they’re has been a dark shadow looming over the film and no I’m not talking about how the film looks from a visual standpoint. The history of Ben Affleck has been a troubled road, but now speculation has risen once again that Ben Affleck is being ushered out as The Dark Knight. What could this mean for the DCEU? Read further to see my thoughts on this tricky situation.

Before I continue, it needs to be stated that Ben Affleck addressed the rumors at SDCC and of course he’s stated that he will not be leaving Batman anytime soon. Whenever I read rumor responses from actors I want to believe them but given that history of rumors coming to true it’s hard for me to believe it. I firmly believe that Ben Affleck played an excellent Batman/Bruce Wayne combo and deserves at least one solo starring role as the caped crusader. With that being stated, given that it’s already established that this Batman has been patrolling Gotham City for decent amount of time.
I mean he’s already been through one Robin at least. Warner Brothers already has their out based on his age alone, and given that DC comics prides itself on the legacy aspect, why not cast Nightwing then have Dick Grayson take over the mantle as Batman. To me it wouldn’t be the end of the world if future Justice League movies didn’t feature Bruce Wayne/Batman. Writing about this reminds me when we came pretty close to not having Iron Man in the first Avengers film,but that worked out in the end. Once again haters are trying to turn this into a negative for the DCEU, but even if Ben Affleck does step away from the mantle of the Bat I still don’t believe this means doom and gloom for the DCEU. Get hyped for Justice League nerds.