The Walking Dead Really Doesn't Want You To Be Spoiled!

by | Jun 17, 2016

If you aren’t up to date with AMC’s The Walking Dead, stop reading here. Go watch, and then please come back because we have some exciting news!


via cinemablend.com

Fans of the show and comics know that Negan, a new character introduced in the last season, is scary and mighty dangerous. Wielding a death bat he named Lucille, the final scene had most of the cast lined up, waiting to see who would be the latest victim. Of course, the screen goes to black before we see who gets killed (or at the very least, badly maimed.)
According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources are saying all 11 cast members have filmed death scenes. So those drones who had hovering over the filming location won’t do you any good!
Fans of the graphic novel know who gets the bat to the head, but will the show change it up, or stick to the script? Any theories? Comment below; we want to hear them!