This November Uncanny X-Men Returns!

by | Aug 2, 2018


While it hasn’t been very long since the X-Men flagship ended, it’s felt like an eternity. Hell the most recent time Marvel has used the Uncanny moniker was for a X-Force type of team. Now that both color coded titles will end, it seems that a void needs to be filled. Well the wait is over, Uncanny X-Men returns this November. Read further on form my thoughts on the flagship X-Men title returning.


Fate Of X-Men Red

While I’m deeply excited for the return of a classic Marvel title, I am curious as to how much longer will X-Men: Red continue to be published. Namely because I’ve wanted Tom Taylor to write a X-Men title since he started on All New Wolverine. Red worked along the same moniker as Blue and Gold, and that’s the number 1 reason I could go see the title vanishing. Perhaps Red ends but continues onto into a different adjective titled series? I’m hoping that Red simply becomes Uncanny and Tom Taylor just continues to write these fantastic mutants.

Creative Team?

Even though this announcement was made at SDCC, there was no mention of a creative team. Some fans are speculating that Jonathan Hickman will comeback to Marvel and lead this merry band of mutants into a new age, most of the other guesses that I’ve seen are extremely unlikely. The only choice that I might become reality is Donny Cates being the writer. He’s currently Marvel’s rising star and it would only make sense to give him a book with this much pedigree, plus I think Cates can be a perfect fit the title. As for the artist, no matter who Marvel assigns they’ll be out by issue three so picking a artist for a new Marvel title just seems pointless to me.
Are you ready for the return of the classic X-Men title? Who do you want as the creative team and who should make the roster? Let me know in the comments below!