Thoughts On Dark Knights Metal #1-3

by | Nov 3, 2017

Okay it’s confession time. When DC first announced Dark Knights Metal I rolled my eyes at it. With so many comics coming out on a weekly basis I figured it was okay to skip out on this event and wait for Doomsday Clock. Fast forward to current day and everyone seems to be raving about Metal. So with only a handful of comics to read this week I picked up chapters 1-3, and man do I have some thoughts. Read further on for my thoughts on the first half of Dark Knights Metal.

Before I dive into the writing side, most of my enjoyment has come from Greg Capullo’s art. Having seen Greg Capullo’s art since his days on Spawn, I can easily say that his work on Metal is career work. His line work is crisper than ever and the details on each panel boggles my mind. Capullo’s art truly shines whenever the book focuses on characters from the Dark Multiverse. Even though this book is part of the DCU, Capullo’s art brings a twisted visual look to the world. After reading the first three issues of Metal, I’m extremely thankful that Capullo came back to draw this story.
I’m gonna be completely honest here, but I love the general tone that Scott Snyder has set for this series. After the Justice League dispose of Mongul, the book just has this sense of looming dread, and once the actual “villains” of the story make an appearance the story is cranked up to 11. Being a fan of Final Crisis I am absolutely loving that Scott Synder is drawing inspiration from that event, because honestly Final Crisis was the last event where I felt that the heroes had no chance of winning. If you were like me and you thought the premise of Metal was dumb, I encourage you to read the chapters 1-3 before issue 4 comes out in December and trust me you won’t be disappointed.