My Thoughts On The Final Deadpool 2 Trailer!

by | Apr 20, 2018


Now I know that everyone has Infinity War on their minds. After it is the climax of the MCU. However, there is one other superhero blockbuster that is also right around the corner. Earlier today Fox the final trailer for Deadpool 2. Warning if you want to go into Deadpool 2 completely blind I would stop reading here. If you have no fear of spoilers please continue reading.

Did The Trailer Show To Much?

I gotta be honest you y’all I initially didn’t want to watch this trailer. I was worried that like most Hollywood trailers it would ruin the plot or show more than it needed it. Deadpool 2 can be perceived as showing to much but to me it shows just enough without revealing everything. While Deadpool does steal the show, I love that this trailer was basically a X-Force showcase. Trust me my heart fluttered when I saw Shatterstar of all characters announce himself. Plus it’s really cool that this film seems to incorporate different eras of X-Force. Make mine X-Force.

How Did The Get Away With That?

One of the biggest aspects of this trailer is the legality issue as Deadpool brings up both Thanos and The DCU. Part of me thinks that those specific lines of dialog that were done only for the trailer. I hate to be the party pooper but I highly doubt those lines will make it in the films final cut. However I will gladly applaud Fox for allowing the crew behind Deadpool to openly joke about their competition.

Clearly A Bigger Movie

Honestly what has me impressed the most is the bigger budget. In case you don’t remember, Deadpool 1 didn’t exactly have the biggest budget but it made due with what it had. Now of course this doesn’t mean Deadpool 2 will be a better movie but it can allow for more amazing popcorn moments that comic book movies thrive on. Yes some of the CGI looks a bit rough I’m confident that it’ll be perfectly fine tuned by the films release near the end of May. Are you excited for Deadpool 2? Let me know in the comments below!