Thoughts On Marvel's Inhumans trailer

by | Jun 30, 2017

Well ladies and gentlemen, you’ve waited patiently but now your patience is reward with Marvel finally released a trailer for Inhumans. I’ve been extremely critical on the images that Marvel has released and it made me wish that the Inhumans would actually get the proper film treatment. Will I actually like the show once I see things in motion? Read further on to find out.

I want to be positive about the Inhumans as much as I can, even though I’m not the biggest fan of the property. They’re were only two things in the trailer that made me smile and had me engaged to not chuck up my lunch at the spewing hot garbage on my PC monitor. Seeing Lockjaw and how freaking huge he was in the trailer made me smile, I love that the trailer ended with him acting like a normal dog that just melts your hearts. Given that Lockjaw is entirely CGI I doubt he’ll make that many appearances. On the other hand, I really enjoyed Maximus in the trailer. The turncoat brother is nothing new, but I enjoyed Iwan Rheon’s presented for us. I can only up that by the end of the series he actually become Maximus The Mad.
Okay enough of the good shit, this entire series is a slap in the fast to what Jack Kirby created in the 1960’s. Remember when we were promised a MCU film around the Inhumans? After what was shown with Thor my mind ran rapid with what Attilan could look like. I would rather Marvel just scrapped the idea of the Inhumans instead of seeing a very watered down version of one of the more unique races of people in the Marvel Universe. Even the Inhumans themselves just don’t look visually interesting, unlike their comic book counterparts. They’re almost no Inhumans who look exotic but rather they look like middle America who just happens to be on the moon. This show looks bad, and with trailer releasing three months before the show hits IMAX first all signs say that ABC doesn’t believe that Inhumans will catch on. Are you the opposite from my views? Did you like the Inhumans trailer? Let me know in the comments below.