Thoughts on Thor Ragnarok Trailer

by | Apr 14, 2017

Oh November why can’t you just be here already? Out of all the Marvel films that have come out recently this film is the one that has me curious as to how they will approach such an epic story as Ragnarok. Well the first official trailer has dropped and it’s quite polarizing depending on who you talk to. So what did I think about the trailer? Read further on to find out.

So just looking at this trailer from start to finish, it’s clear that Marvel wants to deliver a Guardians of The Galaxy vibe for Thor: Ragnarok. Considering that most fans of the MCU consider Thor to be the weakest out of it’s current library. This trailer feels like it takes the world of Thor and turns up the fun level up to eleven (the trailer opened up with a meme after all). The Marvel films have always done a great job of leaning towards comedy to make the movies more entertaining to people who don’t read comics on a week to week basis.
I believe that when we first saw Cate Blanchette as Hela (Goddess of Death btw), I understood why she wouldn’t be wearing her iconic headdress. Once I saw Hela actually look like her comic book counterpart had me applauding. Does it look to big and silly? Yes no one can question that it doesn’t look dumb but the fact that it’s in the movie is just awesome. Now some are saying that the lack of the fire demon Surtur is a bit of a letdown, but given that we see lots of fire effects (namely one that wipes out Asgard) and Thor is captured in a hellish looking area. Part of me thinks that Hela will ignite Ragnarok and somehow that forces Surtur into the film. Even if Surtur isn’t the main villain, Cate Blanchette commands a presence as The Asgardian Goddess of Death. I mean come on she broke Mjolnir!
Last but not least, The Hulk element looks like it’s gonna be a great time and given that this movie doesn’t release till November because the Hulk CGI looks even better! In closing I’m glad this trailer doesn’t give to much away and teases just enough to make audience actually want to see this film. What are your thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok trailer? Let me know in the comments below!