Thoughts on X-Men Gifted Trailer

by | May 19, 2017

Blink X-Men
Well ladies and gentlemen, the official trailer for X-Men: Gifted has finally arrived. The fact that this show will actually hit small screens this fall is something I never thought I would see. Will this trailer captivate me enough to watch X-Men on a weekly basis, or will this trailer make me shake my head as I wait for the 2018 Dark Phoenix movie.

The first thing that I must immediately note is that show looks like every single show that Fox has produced over the last ten years. Even though X-Men: Gifted doesn’t have the budget to match what the X-Men have done on the big screen, but from a cinematography it feels very similar to the movies. The only reason I consider it terrible that Gifted looks like every Fox show is that it won’t connect with X-Men fans enough and mainstream fans will just look at is a normal drama that doesn’t seem different from everything else.
I’ve gone on record that I firmly believe that Marvel TV/Disney do not want to embrace the craziness of the source material. I’m not asking for a 1 to 1 adaptation because not everything can translate from one form of media to another. Granted this is only a trailer so I have no idea what the final ratio of over the top and grounded realism will be, but there needs to be a balance. You can’t please everyone, that’s a moniker that will always be true but you should at least attempt to appeal to fans of the comics in some ways.
As for the story that’s presented in trailer, it has me interested enough to at least watch the first batch of episodes. The dynamic between the two main characters who are developing their mutant abilities and their father who happens to detain mutants could provide for some interesting drama. Are you interested in X-Men: Gifted this fall? Will you watch weekly or wait till appears on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below!