Thoughts On Runaways Trailer

by | Oct 20, 2017

So while many fans continue to gawk over the Black Panther and New Mutants trailers respectively, there was another trailer that seems to be flying under the radar. Audiences finally got a trailer for the upcoming Runaways show on Hulu. How does is stack up with the rest of comics television? Will Hulu subscribers actually watch the show? Why didn’t I see a dinosaur in the trailer? Read further on for my thoughts on these cult heroes.

Once again I’m writing about a team of young superheros that I no personal connection to, so hopefully this means that my honesty about this trailer actually comes off as genuine. Without the trailer naming any of the “members” of the Runaways I instantly knew who I was looking at based on their visual design. The Runaways never had actual spandex costumes but they had their unique visual ques that is easily recognizable and this trailer showcases that in full. In all honesty the Runaways could be one of few superhero properties that adapt to the small screen without much effort. That it until you realize that at some point the Runaways tame a dinosaur, but who knows if that’ll even happen in the first season or not.
When you look at the trailer with just a passing glance, this trailer looked like it belonged on ABC side by side with Agents of SHIELD. I’m not to familiar with other original programs that are exclusive to Hulu but Runaways looks like it belongs on network TV. However it looks like Hulu will take the advantage of its platform and make this show a bit more risque than Agents of SHIELD could ever hope for, obviously it won’t hit the level of darkness that the Netflix Marvel shows are known for but Runaways goes slightly above what’s allowed on mainstream TV then you might have some juicy moments. While I highly doubt I will personally subscribe to Hulu I’m curious to see how the show will perform. Are you subscribed to Hulu and will you watch Runaways? Are you not subscribed to Hulu and will you subscribe because of Runaways? Let me know in the comments below!