To Many Events From DC?

by | Sep 29, 2017

Now before I begin, this blog isn’t on events as a whole but rather the two concurring events that will engulf the DCU starting this November. For those that are not aware, the event that people are anticipating (Doomsday Clock) is not out yet, but DC is happy to launch an event prior that has no (at least to my knowledge) connective tissue. Read further on for my thought on DC’s line wide events.’

The only reason I bring up notion of DC propping up to many events is because during the New 52 they’re was only one line wide event. No I’m not counting the family of books that would crossover among themselves or when DC took over the month of August for a series of one shots. Forever Evil was the only event that DC ran during the New 52 and it actually felt like a big event because the prior event was two years prior. It allowed the universe to gel before breaking it again. Unlike Marvel who insists on delivering not two but in some instances three events per year. So to see both Dark Knight’s Metal and Doomsday Clock running parallel from November till February.
Personally I would be fine if Dark Knight’s Metal was just a self contained Batman story by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo but DC isn’t marketing this mini series as that. If you walk into a comic shop then you can already see the books that are connected to the event. It just doesn’t seem smart to push the amount of tie-ins right before Doomsday Clock. Perhaps DC doesn’t plan on tie-ins for Doomsday Clock but ironically that could hurt the actual impact of the event itself. Unless DC is banking on the Watchmen characters to sell the book and crossover books won’t be needed.
Do you think it was a mistake for DC to release to huge event so close to each other? Let me know in the comments below!