Vertigo Imprint Is Not Gone! Relaunch Set For 2019

by | Jun 9, 2018


The 1980’s was a sea of change for comics. While many point to Dark Knight and Watchmen, several comics were crucial to evolution of the comic book form. DC became experimental with certain titles and by 1993 those specific books needed a name. Vertigo was born. Now for the past ten years, Vertigo has been in a perceived state of decline. Despite that DC is relaunching Vertigo with 7 brand new titles. Read further on for my thoughts on the latest Vertigo relaunch.

To Little To Late?

Let me be clear, I love Vertigo or at least I love what Vertigo did for the comic book industry. Vertigo has a rich quality of comic books that have become classics. However a lot has changed since 1993. Even though Image Comics has lost a lot of it’s luster since it’s big creator own initiative back in 2012, most comic books fans seem to get their experimental kicks from them. I’m worried that the audience won’t be there when these comics launch, even if these comics are great I just feel like the name Vertigo doesn’t mean anything to the current comic book reader.
What really concerns me about this relaunch is the lack of true star power that is needed for a relaunch. I understand the philosophy of wanting to bring new creators, but that isn’t going to sell comics immediately. I’m not saying they need Warren Ellis or Grant Morrison to commit to a sixty issue series, but even a mini series with Brian Michael Bendis would drum up more interest in this relaunch. More than likely editorial wants to play the long game and cultivate the next wave of talent, I just hope it works out for them.
What are your thoughts on Vertigo coming back? Are there any books listed that you might want to check out? Let me know in the comments below!