Watchman Coming To HBO

by | Jun 21, 2017

Watchmen, a comic that revolutionized the comic book industry in 1985. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have shaped the way comics are made since Watchmen #1. Now of course everyone is aware of the 2009 film by Zach Synder, but according Variety Damon Lindelof will bring the Watchmen to HBO. None of this is confirmed, but the question remains. What Watchmen story should this HBO series focus on?

I’m normally not a purist, but Watchmen is a special case. If the 2009 film has shown anything is that once you remove the comic book element from the series, a lot of what makes the comic amazing disappears. Now this doesn’t discredit the fucked up characters that Moore created for his murder mystery, but it’s the smaller things that make Watchmen one of the most important graphic novels of our time. It’s how panel layouts affect a readers awareness, the amount of detail in individual panels, the pacing, the coloring. This my be a unpopular opinion, but I thought Synder did a pretty decent job of bringing the world of Watchmen to life. However unlike other comics, Watchmen just didn’t translate well enough for mainstream audiences to enjoy it.
My personal theory for Lindelof’s version of Watchmen isn’t a reattempt at Watchmen, but rather this could a Before Watchmen story. Yes, you comic readers may want to forget that DC crossed the line and did the unthinkable by making more Watchmen content, but this could be interesting enough for me to watch. The Before Watchmen comics are all different in tones and style, which would allow Lindelof and whoever his team might be tell a variety (heh) of stories instead of a story that most people are familiar with. Do I honestly believe they won’t try to recreate Watchmen proper? No giving that the Watchmen will play a critical role this November, this new series (if it happens) will focus on the story that we already know but with the Before Watchmen stuff weaved in. Do you think Watchmen should be adapted again? Let me know in the comics below!

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  1. Julene Schiano

    I heard about Naomi Watts. I guess the Game of Thrones sequel was going to have her in a lead role. But I guess it’s canceled? I think she would have been great!