We Are Venom

by | May 20, 2017

In 2007, fans of the symbiote known as Venom finally got to see him on the big screen, and perhaps I’m not remembering but let’s just say Topher Grace’s performance wasn’t well received. Hell Spider-Man 3 is considered one of the biggest disappointments in comic book film history. Now over a decade later Sony has officially announced a Venom movie and it’s going to star Tom Hardy. Read further on for my thoughts on this geeky matter!

Now before I go into any tirade regarding Sony’s need to make a Venom solo movie, I must preface with the fact that I love the character of Venom. Whether it’s Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson (except Marc Gargon….we don’t talk about that era). Now granted we don’t know much about the upcoming Venom film, but I personally don’t see how the original concept of Venom could work as a solo movie. Original Venom works best when he’s a foil in Spider-Man’s life, the boogeyman in alien form. If Sony goes with that idea for Tom Hardy then I firmly believe this film won’t connect with a bigger audience.
So this last part is going to be pure speculation, but I don’t believe that Sony nor Marvel/Disney has stated exactly who Tom Hardy will be portraying. Now I get that Flash Thompson has been confirmed for Spider-Man Homecoming, it’s a safe bet that Hardy will be Eddie Brock but I propose to in a different direction for Eddie and his journey with the symbiote. Sony should jump ahead and make Venom, Agent Venom. The Venom that worked for the US government. When I read Agent Venom back in 2010 it was a shot in the arm the character needed and Marvel ran with that concept for several years. Plus it allows Venom to be portrayed in a heroic fashion instead of just being a brute monster who is stalking a man dressed like a spider. What are your thoughts on a Venom movie coming out next year? Let me know in the comments below!