Who I Want in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite!

by | Dec 8, 2016

In case you were living under a rock this past weekend, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite was announced and I couldn’t be happier. I love this mashup of characters ever since I played Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. So I wanted to share some Marvel characters that I believe should make the final roster when the game launches in 2017!

Right off the bat I wanted some fresh new blood for this series and Ms. Marvel Kamal Khan would be so much fun to play as in this game. Her ability to shift her size could make for some fun and unique combos and it’s a bonus for Marvel since they want the Inhumans to become more mainstream I see no better representative than the ultimate fan girl herself!
Up next is a character that missed the previous iteration of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and I’m talking about the original symbiote, Venom! If you look at Venom’s original sprite and animation for MVC1 it’s one of the best looking and unique things about that game. I was disappointed that he wasn’t apart of either version of MVC3, so it would be nice to see a returning veteran come back for this brand new iteration.
Another brand new potential character for MVCI is Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch! I love magic characters and while UMVC3 had it’s fare share of magic users, my own greed wants more representation plus it’s brand new blood for a well established series. I could see her super move potentially warping reality around whatever character she ensnares, exploding their mind (literally not actually though).
Enough with the heroes, the Marvel Vs. Capcom series also employs plenty of villains and sticking with the theme of new blood, and given this characters popularity I want Loki: The God of Mischief to be apart of MVCI. Loki would be limited given his abilities but he could really fun playable character, creating duplicates or perhaps morphing into other characters. Maybe have a super where he steals Thor’s hammer and uses it against his opponents.
Well that’s just a small fraction of Marvel characters I want in the latest iteration of Marvel Vs. Capcom. Hopefully the roster for this game rivals that of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, and hopefully X-Men and Fantastic Four characters will be apart of the battle. I will be giving my thoughts as more information comes out. What Marvel characters do you want to see in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite? Let me know in the comments below!