Wildstorm Rebirth!

by | Oct 7, 2016

In 2016 DC listened to it’s fans and “restarted” most of their comics to reflect what made fans love DC in the first place. In 2017 another rebirth will occur, Wildstorm gets its own rebirth with Warren Ellis as front man. Color me completely shocked that DC would even touch this imprint after the disaster of combining them with the DCU five years ago. Read further on for a brief history on Wildstorm and what should Warren Ellis and DC do, going forward.

The biggest and most important aspect of this relaunch of Wildstorm is that it has to separate from the DCU. Being a fan of Wildstorm I was shocked to see Grifter show up in the pages of Flashpoint followed by several Wildstorm books becoming DCU books only for all of them to be cancelled within the first two years of the New 52 regime. Let the Wildstorm universe flourish within it’s own boundaries without being constrained to another universe.
Interesting enough is that this isn’t a line wide launch, but rather a book titled Wildstorm will launch in mid February 2017 with Warren Ellis writing and artist Jon Davis-Hunt. My inner Wildstorm fan would love nothing more than to see Wild C.A.T.S. Gen 13, Stormwatch, Team 7 all debut this February but it’s smarter to see if readers actual want these series and gauge interest first. My only concern with this news is Warren Ellis. Now before you grab your pitchforks I am a huge fan of what Warren Ellis has accomplished not only as a comic writer but as a novelist.
My concern is if the book will actually ship on time, not because I feel I deserve a monthly Wildstorm book, but rather I want it to survive and grow a new audience. With great comics coming out left and right from Marvel, Image, Boom, Darkhorse and of course DC it’s from my perspective that readers have a cornucopia of choices and if a book ships late even by two or three weeks, readers (even dedicated fans) might move on to something else or wait for the trade.
Coincidentally the Wildstorm book will launch the same year as the Youngblood reboot. I guess the 1990’s are really back. Let me known in the comments below what do you want to see from this Wildstorm reboot and if you haven’t read Wildstorm then welcome to the family!