Will Hugh Jackman Be Nominated For An Oscar Next Year?

by | Mar 3, 2017

Full disclosure I’ve yet to Logan by the time this particular post goes up. However there has been something that has been lingering in my mind since I saw the trailers for Logan. This might be the best opportunity yet for an actor to be nominated for an Academy Award starring a Superhero. Some agree, and others disagree immensely. Read further on to hear my thoughts on this topic.

Now I feel like I need to clarify, I’m not forgetting Heath Ledger’s amazing performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight. Ledger deserved that award but that was for best supporting actor. I’m talking about for a leading role and given how passionate Hugh Jackman it translate to the films he’s been in. Yes X-Men: Origins was terrible and The Wolverine was just okay one thing you can’t say is that Jackman delivered a terrible performance. If anything he was holding those two films by his performance as Logan.
Again I have not seen the film, but the critical response that Logan is getting is surpassing anything I’ve seen recently from a Fox X-Men film. From what I understand the film is far from your traditional superhero film and more of a character piece which more than likely allows Jackman and the rest of the cast to stretch out their acting muscles instead of series of set pieces that look cool but do nothing for the character.
I firmly believe that Hugh Jackman deserves to be nominated for Best Actor in next years Oscars. As time has marched on, superhero films have not only evolved to the level of quality we currently live in. Now I feel like we’re about to enter the phase of superhero films that twist the previously established into bold new approaches yet still remain faithful to the original source material. Just like the Western of old, Marvel will still continue to make the epic blockbusters that come out two or three times a year and even though Warner Brothers has brought to their universe to the mix I believe there is still room to tell different types of stories with these characters. Similar to the 1980’s when The Dark Knight and Watchmen hit the new stands. Do you think we’re at a turning point for superhero films? If you’ve seen Logan do you believe Hugh Jackman should be nominated for an Oscar? Let me know in the comments below