Will Marvel Characters Be in Kingdom Hearts 3? (Speculation)

by | Jan 26, 2017

I bet you didn’t I was gonna write about Kingdom Hearts right? Way back in 2009 when Disney first purchased Marvel, speculation ran rampant as to what that meant for the future of Marvel. On a smaller scale, the question that gamers asked was would Marvel characters become apart of Kingdom Hearts intricate plot?

The sole reason I’m bringing this subject at all is that both Marvel and Square Enix tweeted out that fans should watch their social media feeds for some exciting news. Now for all we both know this just happens to be completely coincidental. Both Marvel and Square are massive companies with various projects in the works. For all we know Marvel will reveal the first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and Square Enix will actually show something on Final Fantasy VII HD Remaster. In short people should lower their expectations starting right now.
I know it seems that the stars have aligned for the impossible to happen, but if this turns out to nothing but pure coincidence then only you will be disappointed because you envisioned something that isn’t tangible just yet.
Now the question is whether or not should the Marvel Universe become apart of the lore of this beloved game franchise. I’m personally not a fan of Kingdom Hearts but I’ve played enough of the first game to see why it appeals to a large audience. Given that the character of Rapunzel will be making her debut in the Kingdom Hearts 3, adding in the Marvel Universe should would be an added bonus. More than likely the small number of characters that might show up if they are part of the game will be characters that are firmly established in the MCU. It would be a complete clash of styles but given that the original concept of Kingdom Hearts was mixing the world of Final Fantasy and Disney properties, putting in the spandex of the Marvel Universe wouldn’t be that far of a stretch.
Do you think the Marvel Universe should be apart of the epic finale for the Kingdom Hearts series? Let me know in the comments below!