Wolverine Serial Podcast?

by | Dec 6, 2017


A Wolverine podcast? No I’m not talking about the dozens of Wolverine fan podcasts. Nor am I talking about a podcast related to Hugh Jackman. In a partnership with Sticher in 2018 will be the debut of Wolverine: The Long Night. A ten episode series written by comic scribe Benjamin Percy. Read further on for my thoughts on this newest venture for Marvel Comics.

Wolverine Exclusive To Sticher

The wonderful thing about podcast is that a majority of them are accessible to anybody. You would think that the first serial Marvel podcast would be a free download to anybody. Thankfully this stipulation only last till Fall of 2018, so from my point of view you’re better off waiting. I’m guessing that the exclusivity was more to benefit Stitcher than Marvel. Honestly I didn’t even know that Stitcher had a premium plan to offer its listeners. Is 4.99 a month worth a ten episode serialized story about Logan? For me it’s not, it’s not even worth a free trial.

Return to Old Time Radio?

Even though I won’t be listening to this show at the start, I do like this idea. If you remember way back in the golden age, radio dramas were the podcast of yesteryear. Both Superman and Batman even had successful radio shows that impacted current mythology. Podcasting as an official medium has been around since 2005 and while Marvel has dabbled into podcast I’m shocked it took them this long to try this. Hopefully this drama adds music and small sound effects to create a more immersive experience.

More To Come?

Even though I’m a fan of Marvel’s feral mutant (no not Sabertooth), it still shocks me that he’s the first one chosen. One would think that Marvel would have chosen a character from either the MCU or one of the Netflix shows, but I’m not complaining about it. Hopefully if this serialized podcast does well enough, then maybe Marvel will make more. I would honestly love a Moon Knight serialized podcast because I would love to see how they would handle his multiple personalities. What are your thoughts on this new venture for Marvel? Let me know in the comments below!