Wonder Woman Official Trailer Arrives!

by | Nov 4, 2016

When I started writing for this site it was right around SDCC and I didn’t write about the Comic Con trailer for Wonder Woman. I had something else in mind for this week, but now that WB has officially released a second trailer for the icon herself, let’s take a look see.

The first thing that sticks out in my minds is Wonder Woman herself. Yes her appearance in Batman V. Superman did nothing to serve the story but after my own personal doubts about her as the amazon warrior, she sold in her small amount of screen time she had. This second trailer focuses a lot on Diana before she puts on the iconic costume. Gal Gadot has the grace, power, that an actress needs to play Wonder Woman. Seeing as this Diana at the start of her career, I love that she has a bit of naiveness about her. Interesting enough the line “I used to want to save the world” cements to me that she see’s the ugliness of WWI and decides mans world can’t be saved. Which is a big detraction of the character from the comics, but it’s only a trailer and cement can be broken after all. It would make sense since she there aren’t other pictures of her dressed as Wonder Woman.
The cinematography for this trailer was absolutely stunning, namely the shot of Diana looking out to sea with Steve Trevor’s plane falling apart, which then flows into Diana diving into the sea to rescue him. This trailer gives me the feeling of an epic adventure, I wouldn’t be shocked if they used the cameras that Christopher Nolan used for The Dark Knight. I will admit that during shots focusing on WWI, it did look similar to Captain America The First Avenger, lots of dark blues and muted colors with only Wonder Woman’s costume sticking out. It doesn’t hurt my enjoyment of this trailer but rather it’s an easy comparison to make.
On a final note and it’s a personal one I love the homage to Superman 76 with Diana and Steve in the alleyway. I could be reaching with this one, but with Diana in her disguise and deflecting a bullet from Steve just reminded of that scene of Clark catching the bullet before it Lois. Either way I’m super excited for this movie and despite the lukewarm receptions of both Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad I feel that director Patty Jenkins has a hit on her hands with this film. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Let me know in the comments below!