Wonder Woman Review

by | Jun 7, 2017

Rewind to March 2016, Batman V.Superman released to disaster among critics and hordes of movie goers. However there was one shinning light, that was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Yes she wasn’t necessary to the films plot, but she captured the hearts and minds of people all round the globe. It’s now 2017 and the first ever Wonder Woman movie is out! Did Gal Gadot prove that she can carry the mantle of Wonder Woman in a starring role? Read further on for my thoughts on the latest film from DC Entertainment.

As I was watching this film and I let my process the amazing spectacle that was this film, I couldn’t help but draw similarities to the 1976 Superman film. At least in the first act. Audiences were given the chance to meet Diana before becomes the titular character, in the same way people knew Clark Kent before dawns the S. It humanizes Diana, on a basic level so when she evolves during the rest of the film we as an audience relate to her. All of this would not be possible without the performance of Gal Gadot herself.
If you wondered if Gal Gadot could handle a lead a film, then wonder no longer as she nails the character of Wonder Woman. Gadot channels the very essence of Wonder Woman and breathes life into her, Gadot is graceful, powerful, funny, and beautiful. She has natural comedic timing, and maintains her presence in battle and among her teammates. I was pretty much convinced that Gadot was perfect for Wonder Woman when she first showed up in Batman V. Superman, but after this film she’s solidified herself among the pantheon of actors who are synonymous with their characters.
One other thing that really surprised me that this film was a great World War I movie. WWI is a subject that is not nearly as glorified as WWII, and this film shows why. I applaud Patty Jenkins as she shows Diana as well as the audience the ugliness of War, that there is no black and white but it’s just pain and suffering for those involved. It works perfectly due to Diana’s eagerness to jump into War without actually what a warzone looks like and it provides a great character moment for her.
I’ll go on record and say that I have zero problems with Wonder Woman, it’s simply one of the best origin stories of all time. Given that current day society will only give a woman one chance of leading anything (if at all) I was worried that this film wouldn’t connect with a large audience or the stink of Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad but Wonder Woman shines above them all. Gal Gadot is the perfect choice to play the Amazon princess and I look forward to her future solo adventures and of course in Justice League this November. If you haven’t seen this film by now, what are you waiting for?

Wonder Woman earns a 5/5