Young Justice Coming Back for Third Season

by | Nov 8, 2016

It’s finally November, and the year 2016 will most likely go down as one of the most chaotic years in recent memory. Unfortunately most of memories are centered around loss or controversy. However tis the miracle season and it looks like Young Justice fans get their Christmas miracle early. Yes Young Justice 2 is indeed coming back, rejoice YJ fans! But where will it air?
I would like to think of myself as someone who is optimistic, I honestly know I’m full of it. I wasn’t a big fan of Young Justice when it aired back in 2010, I didn’t consider it terrible but it just didn’t hook me. However I had friends who watched the show from it’s initial inception until it’s “premature” ending a few years ago. I remember hearing rumors that Young Justice season three would resurface, but of course Cartoon Network and Warner Brothers remained tight lipped on the fate of the series. What I admire from all this is that the fans of Young Justice didn’t give up hope.
When one of my favorite shows Reboot came back, then disappeared off the face of the Earth I held out hope for a bit then ultimately came to the conclusion that the show was never going to come back (spoilers it hasn’t). So it honestly makes me smile to see that the fan base was vocal enough for the parent companies to see that fans care enough to see their characters again. However where exactly will Young Justice Season 3 be shown?
Now the obvious answer as to where Young Justice show air (as of the time of this recording no official release date nor where will the show will air has been confirmed), would be back on Cartoon Network. There are tons of speculation as to why Young Justice was cancelled back in 2013, but I feel that a return to Cartoon Network would not be in the best interest in the series. Let’s say that YJ fans will only be getting a season 3 with no guarantees for a fourth season, more than likely the casual viewers for this show have moved on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Young Justice appear on an exclusive digital platform, as to which platform your guess is a good as mine. Are you excited for Young Justice to come back? Where do you want to see it aired? Let me know in the comments below!